7 Unique Gift Ideas For The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Your anniversary is a magical date that gives you the opportunity to celebrate your love with your partner in life and look back at all your best moments. However, an anniversary also comes with a certain amount of anxiety when it comes to the gift. You want to get something unique and sentimental since it is such an emotional day. However, not all of us are the best gift givers. Don’t stress! Here are 7 unique gift ideas for the perfect anniversary gift.


Handmade Caricatures

For the couple who appreciates art and a good joke, buy your better half the best portrait of themselves they will ever get- a handmade caricature! Visit www.givealaugh.com to have an artist create a personalized caricature. You will start by describing what you would like the picture to look like. Fill out a form that describes what you want the caricature to be doing and wearing, what the background will look like, and any additional subjects. You will also upload some photos for reference. The artist will send you a digital sample, and you will provide your feedback. They will provide the final caricature based on your comments in only a week. The process is easy, and the end results are something sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


A map of all the places you will go

For the couple who loves to travel together. What better way to celebrate all that you have seen together so far and all that you still have ahead of you to see. Reminisce at all of your favorite trips as you fill out the map with your past adventures and use it as a reason to plan some new ones too. A great gift should commemorate not just your past but also your future and that is what this interactive map will allow you to go. Do you even know how many places you have seen and how many are still left to see? It’s a big world out there, and this gift can be your ticket to seeing more of it with your loved one.


Glasses and Drinks

For the couple who drinks together, you should gift your partner with a new addition to the home bar. Purchase a nice bottle of liquor or wine that you know your partner will enjoy. In choosing wine, look for a bottle that came out the year you married your spouse or the year of their birth (or year of the birth of your children). Of course, you need appropriate glasses for your gift! Find some cute glasses that will add some flair to your nightcap. Try something personalized with your names or favorite television characters on the glasses. You can even bring the glasses out to share a toast on your anniversary every year.


Photo Album

For the nostalgic couple, you and your spouse have been through numerous milestones and adventures together, and most of them have probably been photographed. Take the time to go through all of your old photographs and create a beautiful collection for your partner to enjoy whenever they want to look back at their life with you. You can put everything in a scrapbook with cute captions and glitter, or you can create a collage and put it in a nice frame. You can even create a theme with the album, such as “On the Go”, “Crazy in Love’, “The Before Years”, or “The Whole Family”. Your partner will see all of the time and effort you put into the gift and remember you every time they look through it. Just make sure not to include any pictures that might not be so flattering!


Family Tree

For the couple who likes to learn about their ancestors, learn more about your family tree. You know you will spend your future with this person, but it’s always a fun idea to take a look back into the past. Hire an ancestry website to dive deep into both of your family trees. You will be able to learn new things about each other. You’ll also be able to accurately describe your heritage to your children so that they know where they come from. You may even find a new appreciation for a part of your culture you may have overlooked in the past. There are a number of services out there for you to choose from. Some are a subscription service while others are a one-time payment. All you need to do is provide as much information as possible and the little tid bits will start pouring in. While the past is the past and should ultimately stay in the past, it can be interesting to see the little successes and hurdles your ancestors have experienced to get you where you are today.


Personalized Jewelry

For the couple who loves jewelry, add to the collection. Plus, the options are virtually endless. You can pick out earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and even body jewelry. Stay alert to what jewelry you see your significant other wearing and ask questions to learn what they might like the most. Since jewelry can get expensive, establish your budget before you go shopping and stick to it. However, you may want to splurge a little bit on an inscription (pro tip – or go somewhere who offers inscriptions for free). The inscription could be their name, a date, or a cute love message. You can also personalize a piece of jewelry without an inscription. Try picking images of your favorite locations or favorite things. When a piece of jewelry is personalized, it adds so much more to the value than the stone inside of it.


A game to bring you closer

For the couple that wants to get to know each other even more. How well do you know your partner? Are there things that you wish that you knew more of? Or how about things you didn’t even know that you were missing. This game is a great way to use your anniversary to reaffirm your bond through conversations that are easy to forget to have as the days go one. From topics on family, intimacy, the past and the future, this game is a great way to rekindle some old conversations and have some new ones as well. Do we recommend this game with a bottle of wine? Yes, we do.

When picking a gift for your partner, your first priority should be to hit the heartstrings. Take the time to plan something and gift something special. Pay attention to the things that your partner enjoys and the things they mention they want or need. If you are alert, you will hear clues in regular conversation that can help you make your decision. Don’t forget that the way you give the gift can be just as important as what you give. Make sure that the moment is right by setting the mood. You should also remember that gift giving is not reciprocal. You shouldn’t necessarily expect the same in return, and you should go into it being okay with that. You should just be happy to see the look on their face when they open their present.

With the right present, you are sure to have a great anniversary. Start with these 7 gift ideas to see if any of them are a good idea for your significant other.